The Sonda Association is an NGO founded to prove the high efficiency of creativity and its highly positive impact on community development in sociological and economic areas.

To achieve this goal, Sonda makes creativity available to any interested individual, creating relevant products, projects, and programs with him (yes, with you!) and with the broader community to strengthen cooperation and create a better society.

Sonda operates in the inspiring environment of the municipality of Vižinada in the center of the Istrian peninsula (Croatia), overlooking the hills, vineyards, and the valley of the river Mirna.

Since 2021, Sonda has been running Sonda’s Creative center activities and programs in Vižinada.

The founders of the Association are the owners of the internationally awarded creative studio for design and communication – Studio Sonda, who support the work of the Association to strengthen creativity, both in our local community (Vižinada municipality) and in the rest of Croatia, Europe, and the World.