In May 2022, as part of its Creative Center program, Studio Sonda in Vižinada ran a photography workshop for people with Down syndrome with the organizational support of the Sonda Association which promotes creativity, education, and local community development.

The aim of the workshop was to give some basic knowledge about photography. Upon completion of the workshop, portraits of each participant were made and the photographs will be showcased in the gallery of the Sonda Center in Vižinada, where the opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday, May 21st, starting at 2pm.

The exhibition in the Sonda Center will be open for viewing over the following week (8-16h). Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.

The workshop was designed to connect people with disabilities and with the aim to give a contribution to raising the quality of both their lives and their daily activities, but also to provide them with additional opportunities to fulfill their potential and actively spend their free time. The Sonda initiative was acknowledged by the Association of parents of children with disabilities “Hoću-Mogu” from Pazin, founded by parents of children with disabilities from the entire Istria County, and by the DADI Center for children and youngsters with Down syndrome from Padua.

The association “Hoću-Mogu” is distinctive for having introduced in its work some new methods, programs, and initiatives for children with disabilities, but also for having implemented the project “Independence is our future” which encourages and educates young people with disabilities to an independent living.  In order to support each child on their development path, the DADI Center from Padua also very actively implements globally recognized projects which, among other things, include creative workshops, theater, and music activities thus bringing the Down Syndrome closer to the public.

At the same time, they contribute to the working of the Croatian Down community by frequently providing support to the Association “Hoću-Mogu”, with which they regularly cooperate. The DADI Center is especially proud of its latest DADI Home project, a newly opened hotel run entirely by people with Down syndrome.

The photography workshop was led by Sean Poropat and Jelena Fiškuš, the creative directors of Studio Sonda, an independent creative studio for design and communication from Vižinada.