The works were created as part of a workshop program named “Dizajnerska početnica” which introduces children to design elements in a way that is appropriate to their age.

At the exhibition, held on Thursday 5th of May, works of children attending the kindergarten in Vižinada were showcased. Visitors could admire small design works shaped in creative ice cream packaging, created during two sessions that were led by mentors and creative directors of Studio Sonda, Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat.

The program of workshops named “Dizajnerska početnica” is carried out by the Association Sonda, which promotes creativity, education, and local community development in cooperation with the Croatian Design Society from Zagreb and with the support of Studio Sonda. It is also one of the many educational programs of this type that will take place in Vižinada in the coming period, and which aims to encourage children and young people to think creatively, express themselves artistically, and learn to manage challenges in a functional way.

The works were exhibited on the premises of the Creative Center Sonda in Vižinada, with some short descriptive statements made by young authors about their works. Moreover, the creative packaging has had a practical application as well; children were greeted with ice cream wrapped in the packaging designed by themselves.

The exhibition attracted children, parents, and interested visitors but also the Mayor of Vižinada – Marko Ferenac. Eventually, after the gathering, the exhibition was rounded off by taking pictures of children and their design solutions.